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Dedicated to research and education of brain injury treatment and disease management, improving practice and developing innovative clinical treatments designed to optimize recovery of function.


Innovative research dedicated to improve treatment and management of brain injury

Promoting a deeper understanding of brain injury to inform the public and enrich the lives of patients

CNS-CREF provides funding to:

  • Support brain injury research

  • Provide postdoctoral grants exploring brain injury rehabilitation

  • Provide travel funding for researchers to attend scientific meetings and conferences

Sample of Current Research

  • Exploring which treatments are most productive in addressing cognitive impairment following a brain injury

  • Researching the effects that gender and hormones have on stroke progression and recovery

  • Exploring the use of imaging and its role in determining rehabilitation outcome

  • Examining biomarkers associated with neurodegeneration to determine if they are associated with cognitive and affective disturbances

  • Learning more about proteins and genes that impact neuroplasticity, memory and inflammation, and their role in rehabilitation